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Learn the tricks of the trade and save up to 70% off on your groceries each week!
The Grocery Guru will guide you on your shop-of-the-week - all materials (coupons and paperwork as needed) included.


Do NOT clip any coupons until you are ready to head out to the grocery store! You end up spending more time clipping coupons you never use and clip so many you rarely remember what you've got in your inventory before they expire. Just clip the coupons you will be using, then paperclip them together so nothing gets lost!

Stay organized. When you return from a shopping trip and have leftover coupons for items you decided not to purchase, paperclip the coupon to the same page of the dated coupon booklet you clipped it from. This will help you locate them if the Grocery Guru mentions them at a later date. Watch out for "hip-shooter shopping! If you can stick to your shopping list, you eliminate the chances of paying full price on impulse purchases.

Pick one Store! This program works no matter which store you pick- as long as you only pick one store. You don't want to run from store to store trying to save money—only to find that you spent more money on gas, wear and tear on your vehicle, and valuable time in transit.

Be coachable: Learn the principles taught in this program and apply them.

Don't feel cheap using coupons: Grocery stores make more money when you use this system, and actually prefer you use coupons.

Commit yourself: Follow through with the Grocery Guru's program as outlined, for at least two months. Re-evaluate your position at the end of the two months, and make your shopping decisions.