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Save up to 70% on groceries each week. Each week the Guru features a different store and publishes a new shopping list and menu.

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The Grocery Guru helps you save 70% on your grocery bill every week and allows you to feed a family of four for less than $40 a week! He puts together a shopping list and menu each week that takes advantage of the coupons found in Deseret News and The Salt Lake Tribune . By combining these local coupons with the manufacturers' discounts, you get maximum savings.

If your busy schedule doesn't allow time to cut coupons and peruse the grocery aisles, you can sign up to go shopping with the Grocery Guru. He will provide you with the necessary coupons and guide you through the store, pointing out the items from the shopping list. Make sure you register early because space fills up quickly!

Download our "Steps for Savings Success" PDF for more information.


Contact the Guru by email at guru@utahmediagroup.com

Step One:

The Grocery Guru's program for dramatically cutting your grocery bill is based on buying what's on sale and adding store coupons to get the best possible deal. To make this savings program work with the greatest results, make sure you have 2 subscriptions to a Sunday newspaper. If you currently subscribe to Deseret News or The Salt Lake Tribune, you can order a Sunday-only subscription to either newspaper. Contact the Grocery Guru, Ken Roesbery, at 801-204-6340 or guru@utahmediagroup.com to receive the additional newspaper at a promotional rate.

Step Two:

You'll need a three-ring binder with pockets inside, and a hole-punch. Every week (except holiday weekends) take the SmartSource and any additional coupon booklets from your Sunday newspapers. Write the date they appeared in the newspaper on the front cover of each coupon booklet with a marker. Punch holes in the coupon booklet and put them in the binder on top of the booklets from the previous weeks. Discard the last coupon slicks in the binder once you have built up five week's worth of coupons. You can also download our "Steps for Savings Success" handout to keep in your binder for reference.

In each Sunday newspaper you will normally receive ads that feature coupons, such as Smith's, Harmon's, Rite-Aid, Target, Wal-Mart. Put these in the back pocket of your binder. Keep these coupons on hand to use until their expiration date. Some stores will print manufacturer's coupons inside their ads, which can be used at any store, so pay attention.

Step Three:

Organize your food plans for the week. Pick a specific store where you will be doing your shopping. Create your menu plans from the advertisements that come out weekly in your Sunday Deseret News or The Salt Lake Tribune. As you arrange your menu, plan to buy the items that are on sale that week from the store's advertisements. This generally saves you 50% BEFORE you use coupons. You can see the "Featured Store of the Week", or look for the Guru's ad in the Food section of Wednesday's newspapers. To save even more time, let the Guru do the work for you! Simply print out our "Shop of the Week" list and shop at the featured store.

Step Four:

Once you have completed your menu and shopping list and are ready to shop, locate the coupons from your binder and cut them out. The shopping list you printed from the website lists where to find the coupons according to the date they were in the newspaper and the page of the insert. For example, S5/12-7 means the coupon is in the SmartSource insert from May 12th on page 7.